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InventoryPlus User Preference

InventoryPlus user preference supports list customization. You can add or delete not required fields from sales screen.  In case if you want to add column like Discount % instead of Discount amount then you can do it as you like.  Do you want to hide the not required...

InventoryPlus Sale screen layout customization

We have rolled out new feature called build your own sales screen. YES IT IS TRUE, You can build or arrange the sales screen as per your requirements. Our unique feature help you to arrange control as per your requirements. It is simple drag and drop feature will help...

Importing Report or Bill template

1. Click here to open bill template gallery 2. Click on Download it to download the file 3. Launch InventoryPlus 4. Goto Manage report section (Settings -> Manage Reports) 5. Click on select button on desired sales bill and select the downloaded file. 6. Click on...

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