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InventoryPlus is built with Analysis tool called Analyze Dashboard, InventoryPlus help you to analyze transaction data effectively.  Go to Report -> Analyze screen will help to analyze the financial year data based on various criteria. Our advanced analysis dashboard is flexible enough to analyse transaction in details, advanced filtering, profiling and data  mining is possible. Data can be grouped based on various parameters, Data can be printed or exported to Excel or other third party tool for further analysis.

Most common analysis required for retail and wholesale industry as follows,

  • Customers : Help to analyze the top customers based on nature of sales
  • Orders : Analyse Order VS Profit VS Products
  • Products : Fast Moving Products, quarterly analysis

Data analysis will help you to analyse the transactions in details, Ex,. find out the leakage of profit in business, Slow moving products yield negative cash flow, Give more discount and encourage regular customers. Track discount VS Profit ratio, There are many way to analyse the financial year data.  Our Analyze dashboard help small shop to multi location supermarket to explore new business model, Take proper decision and improve profitability, customer satisfactions etc,.

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