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Steps to configure cloud backup

Safeguarding data is one of the important to do list for all company. Proper backup configuration and it should sync to any cloud drive like Google or One drive, In case of system crash data can be easily restored back from backup set stored in cloud drive easily. Only required is Internet connectivity and google or one drive or Dropbox account.

  1. Create the google account and download the google drive backup tool here .
  2. Install the downloaded google drive software on local system.
  3. Run the inventoryPlus software. Goto settings -> Backup
  4. Select the backup drive location (Ex. D:\backup)
  5. Select the Auto daily backup option. This option will automatically create the new backup file when software starts daily.
  6. Run the google drive software from task bar.
  7. Go to “Sync option” select D:\backup as folder location which created on point 4.
  8. Select only this folder option to sync only backup folder to google drive.
  9. From application click on backup button to generate the backup file.
  10. Wait for some time, You should get the backup file created from software automatically synced to google drive.

Configuring the Google Drive backup in InventoryPlus

InventoryPlus support the Built-In Google Drive backup feature available for Premium uses only. 

Refer here for more details about how to configure the Google Drive backup feature or Below Video will explain how to configure the backup. 


Taking the backup is important and cross verifying(integrity check) backed up file in position to restore without any issue also important.  In case of emergency you should be in position to restore back the system to earlier position and continue with business without much delay and less data loss.

Follow below steps periodical to verify backup file is not yet corrupted and it is in usable state.

  1. Download the backup from google drive.
  2. Install inventoryPlus software on other system
  3. Use the InventoryPlus software restore feature to restore the backup
  4. Confirm you are able to login to software and able to see old data. at least products.
  5. Restore verification is important because
    1. in case if you took backup of wrong company data then you are not in a position to restore it,
    2. If backup file is corrupted because of system or hard-disk failure or some other unknown reason, then also you are not able to restore the data.

InventoryPlus support the Integrity Test feature as well, You can easily test the backup file’s integrity test easily using restore feature.  Refer here for more details about restore and Integrity test

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