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Process of changing One system to another system including data and subscription

Follow the below steps to transfer data and subscription to new system.

Steps to be completed on old computer

  1. Make sure install the latest version of Inventoryplus. 
  2. Copy the data folder to safe location. Usually created company will be stored on data folder. Data folder available at InventoryPlus installation location (i,.e C:\Program Files (x86)\InventoryPlus)
  3. If company is created on different location then take the backup of .ims file, You can check the location of file using Home -> Settings -> General tab. 
  4. Make sure take the backup, Login to inventoryPlus, Goto settings -> Backup to take the backup, Verify the backup .bkp is created at selected directory. 
  5. Deactivate the subscription. Goto About App – Click on Upgrade subscription button, Enter Registration Id and Code and click on Deactivate button to deactivate.  Make sure deactivate the subscription after taking the backup and completing above 3 steps. 


Follow the below steps on new computer 

  1. Make sure install the latest version of Inventoryplus on new system. 
  2. Overwrite the the data folder copied from old system. Run the inventoryPlus software, If company file created on data folder then once after running the software will ask for subscribe, 
  3. If company file is create outside the data folder then copy .ims file on data folder and run the inventoryPlus software and use the open company option to open the company file. Once after open the company software will ask for subscribe.
  4. Use the Registration ID and Auth Code to activate the subscription



  1. If old system is corrupted or not able to access then you can restore the data from backup file on new system using restore feature. 
  2. Sent email to [email protected] using your registered email id and request for deactivating old system registration, InventoryPlus support team will verify your request, If it looks valid then team will help you to deactivate subscription on old system and allow to activate on new system. Once after getting confirmation from team InventoryPlus then activate the subscription on new system. 
  3. Make sure take the backup on regular interval, Sync backup to remote cloud drive like google or dropbox, This will help your data safe and easy recovery in case system/hard disk crashes, or lost. 

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